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Cambro 16 Compartment Glass Rack 10 1/8" H

Cambro 16 Compartment Glass Rack 10 1/8" H

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Drastically reduce stemware breakage.

Wash, transport and store glasses with the Cambro 16 Compartment Camrack Glass Rack. The open inside compartments provide great water circulation to allow quick drying. Contains closed outer walls to keep contaminants and fingers away.

This durable rack reduces the risk of breakage and injury, while still being easy to lift with the molded-in handles. It is chemical resistant and withstands temperatures up to 200°F. The rack has smooth sides and rounded corners to reduce employee injury. Even better, it's stackable to optimize storage space.

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY or in save in a box of two

Size: Full Size
Compartments: 16
Max Cup Diameter: 4.37"

Maximum glass Height: 10"
Colour: Soft Grey