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Glass Polishing Machine
Glass Polishing Machine
Glass Polishing Machine

Glass Polishing Machine

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Polishes up to 350 glasses per hour.

1 Year parts and labour warranty.

Shipping extra

Unit Dimensions: 13" x 12" 14.5"  (W x D x H)
Shipping weight: 30 lbs

  • It uses 110 volts so can be plugged in to any household outlet
  • "Fall-thru" construction for any debris

Presently available in Black.

 Designed with the restaurant operator in mind.  Drys and polishes six to eight times faster than the human equivalent. And reduces breakage and accidents during polishing.

Designed to function as a permanent fixture, yet is light enough to be moved around any facility with it's convenient handles. Drawing only 9.2 amps, and weighing in at 30 lbs, it is completely portable.


  • High speed powerful fan to assist in drying action
  • Plug into standard regular 15 amp. circuit
  • Light weight to move easily but durable & sturdy. 
  • Low profile, five brush system, suitable for drying one glass at a time.  
  • Gently polishing, easy to remove/clean brushes

Please also inquire on the GP8, this is a larger system in stainless steel with 8 brushes and able to dry two glasses at one time. It is far more costly, so most clients prefer to purchase multiple single units.